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What is anaesthesiology?

Anaesthesiology is the area of medicine that involves anaesthesia and anaesthetics. Anaesthesia is the practice of controlled loss of sensation, sometimes involving the loss of consciousness. Anaesthetics are drugs that cause a loss of feeling in the body and are used primarily as pain management strategies, especially during surgery. There are two main kinds of anesthetics that people are familiar with: general and local anesthetics. General anesthetics are usually used during major surgeries, where it is necessary to put the person to sleep (lose consciousness) and for them to lose all sensations. On the other hand, local anesthetics only cause a loss of sensation in a localised area of the body, such as a finger or one area of the mouth, and the person remains conscious (awake) during this time. There are different ways of administering anesthetics, depending on whether they are general or local: general anesthetics are injected into the veins or via gas that is breathed in through a mask, whereas local anesthetics are usually injected directly into the area requiring pain management.

The advancement of anaesthesiology has been a major achievement in medicine and surgery, helping ensure pain minimisation for people undergoing, or recovering from, medical procedures. This has allowed more people to undergo invasive surgeries for treatment and management of conditions, and also assisted in the overall advancement of many areas of medicine, where research and treatment could not have been conducted without some form of anaesthetics.

Where is anaesthesiology research now?

There are many research studies conducted around the world in regards to pain management, anaesthesia and anaesthetics. This mostly includes developing new and more effective drugs, investigating how to reduce side effects and complications of anaesthesia, and exploring new ways of administering anesthetics.

How can I get involved in anaesthesiology research?

Getting involved in research and clinical trials studying anesthesia and anesthetics may be a part of your current treatment plan, and it may help pave the way in developing new pain management interventions or therapies that will benefit others. There are a large number of clinical trials and research studies undertaken in hospitals around the world each year to advance the anesthesia and anesthetics field.

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