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What is diet and nutrition?

The foods we eat, and our overall diets, play an essential role in determining our health. A healthy diet can help protect against the development of chronic diseases, while eating specific foods (or in some cases not eating) can assist in the treatment of certain diseases. Nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, within foods provide many of the health effects we see. And it is the combination and amounts of foods, eaten over time (dietary patterns) which can determine the long term effects of foods on our health. Eating too many nutrients (over nutrition), or not enough (malnutrition) can both negatively affect our health - so understanding what is an optimal diet for health is essential. While dietitians and nutritionists have a good understanding on many aspects of what constitutes a healthy diet, there is still much research to be done in understanding diet-disease links and how we can better utilise foods and dietary patterns to improve health.

Where is diet and nutrition research now?

Extensive research into food, nutrients and diets is conducted all around the world. The aim of the research is to understand the optimal diets for healthy people, how diets can be used in disease prevention, and how to use foods and nutrients to treat people living with certain diseases. Clinical research trials are looking at the effects of consuming certain foods or diets, both in healthy people, and people with certain conditions and diseases. Other studies simply observe people eating different diets over time (observational studies) and how that can affect the development of certain diseases.

How can I get involved in diet and nutrition research?

Getting involved in nutrition and dietary research can help in the understanding of what a healthy diet is for you and your individual circumstances, while also advancing the development of new dietary strategies for the prevention and management of certain diseases. There are a large number of clinical trials and research studies conducted each year on certain foods, dietary patterns or nutrient supplements.

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