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Parkinson’s disease clinical trials and research studies

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, degenerative neurological condition that affects movement. It can cause trembling in the limbs and face, body stiffness, slowed body movements and walking difficulties. Symptoms of the disease are caused by the damage to specific cells in the middle area of the brain that produce dopamine, a chemical that is vital for the smooth control of muscles and movement. Early signs of Parkinson’s disease may be mild and go undetected as symptoms usually appear when approximately 70% of the dopamine-producing cells have stopped working normally. Around 1 to 2 people in every 1,000 are estimated to have Parkinson’s disease, and it is slightly more common in men than in women. The disease mainly affects people aged over 65. The cause of Parkinson’s disease is unknown but there are several factors that contribute to the risk of developing the disease, such as genetics, age and prolonged exposure to certain herbicides and pesticides.

Where is Parkinson’s disease research now?

Currently, there is no definitive diagnostic test or cure for Parkinson’s disease. As such, it is an intense area of research which has been recently boosted by high profile philanthropists and people with the disease. Research ranges from understanding the genetic causes and potential preventative strategies, developing better diagnostic methods and drugs or interventions to help manage symptoms, and discovering treatments that can prevent, stop or even reverse Parkinson’s disease.

How can I get involved in Parkinson’s disease research?

Getting involved in Parkinson’s disease research and clinical trials may be a way to access promising new treatment drugs or interventions, or it may contribute to the development of new diagnostics and therapies that will benefit others. There are a large number of clinical trials and research studies undertaken each year around the world to better understand, prevent and treat Parkinson’s disease.

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Parkinson’s disease clinical trials and research studies around the world

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