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Public health is the area of medicine that considers the overall physical and mental health of population groups and provides guidelines and recommendations on a range of health topics for the general population. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines public health as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society”.

Public health activities and recommendations cover a range of areas including health and lifestyle (such as diet and exercise), mental health, infectious diseases, and hygiene. Many of these recommendations are aimed at preventing avoidable disease, injury or death, and improving the health of a population. Examples of public health campaign topics include promoting the reduction of tobacco use, HIV awareness, healthy eating patterns, and vaccines.

What is public health research?

The discipline of public health encompasses not only biological factors, but also behavioural factors and social determinants of health, and looks at the combined effects these have on our health. Social determinants of health encompasses non-medical factors that influence health outcomes such as age, income, and where people live and grew up.

Where is public health research now?

Public health research is conducted globally with many different population groups. This research can be segmented in many different ways, such as by country, by gender or age, by community or by city. It usually involves collecting large amounts of data and looking for trends and patterns to help better understand the health status of populations and how to improve it. This research can then be used to develop education campaigns, implement health programs within communities, or influence government policy at local, state or federal levels.

How can I get involved in public health research?

Getting involved in public health research can help in understanding how people’s behaviours can affect health, and which social and environmental factors can affect health. This knowledge can assist in the development of recommendations to improve health and prevent illness and injury to you, your family and also people living in your city or country.

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Public health clinical trials and research studies around the world

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