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Wounds and Injuries clinical trials and research studies

What are wounds and injuries?

The human body is susceptible to physical damage and injuries, bones in the body can be fractured or broken, skin can be burnt or frozen, chemicals may cause poisoning, and sharp objects can cut open skin and tissue. When wounds and injuries occur, careful and urgent treatment is important to help the body heal. The body has the ability to heal many wounds and injuries however, this is not immediate and takes time. Speeding up and improving the healing process is a major goal for the treatment and management of wounds and injuries.

A serious physical injury that can occur to the body include burns to the body. Burns occur to tissues and skin when too much heat, radiation, or electricity is applied, and can range from mild burns which affect the outer layers of the skin, to severe burns which affect all layers of the skin and sometimes even the tissue underneath. Burns can be life threatening if enough of the body’s surface is affected, and if the burns are deep enough. Treatments for burns depend on the type of burn and can range from application of cool water, right through to painful skin grafting operations.

Another type of common physical injury are fractures and breaks to the bones that make up our skeleton. Fractures and broken bones do heal over time, and can be helped by physical immobilisation of the broken bone, and in some cases, by surgery to insert rods to hold bones in place.

As such, wounds, injuries and physical damage range in type, severity, parts of the body affected, and treatment and management approaches.

Where is wound and injury research now?

Physical injuries to the body can easily happen and the healing phase can be frustrating, debilitating, painful and lengthy. There are many research studies conducted around the world investigating improving pain management, enhancing the success of healing, and accelerating healing times. Many of these studies involve innovative technologies, combining fields such as biomedical engineering, material science and surgery. Another area of intense research involves exploring the potential of harnessing stem cells to aid in healing.

How can I get involved in wound and injury research?

Getting involved in research and clinical trials studying how best to treat and manage physical injuries may be a part of your recovery plan, or it may help pave the way in developing new therapies, medical devices or management regimens that will benefit others. There are a large number of clinical trials and research studies undertaken each year to improve the success of physical injuries healing.

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Wounds and Injuries clinical trials and research studies around the world

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