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Access our smart recruitment platform that leverages best-in-class social media and search engine optimization technologies, linking patients directly to your research opportunity.

Recruitment with Opin

Opin brings a digital focus to clinical trials and research studies and makes the process of patients and carers understanding and accessing research opportunities simple and secure.

Our approach empowers patients active on social media and the internet, who may be searching for health information and research opportunities related to their condition, to identify and express an interest in any registered clinical trial or research study anywhere in the world.

Patients using the Opin platform experience a digital triage service that quickly assesses their eligibility for your trial or study opportunity. Opin’s proprietary technology and best-in-class social media precision marketing methodologies means the process of matching and applying to clinical trials and research studies is personalised, accurate and secure. This results in a significant reduction in screening burden for trial sites, increased performance for sponsors and simple access to novel therapies for patients.

8 times
Improved Speed

faster than traditional recruitment

Condition Areas

from rare cancers to chronic conditions
access a broad pool of participants

The Opin Advantage

Opin's empowered patient-to-trial approach aims dramatically reduce recruitment timelines, increases reach and improve identification of eligible patients.

A global online pool of patients

Opin's proprietary precision social media marketing and search optimisation technologies mean access to a world of online patient groups outside of traditional databases. 53% of the world’s population uses social media: 3.6 billion people spending on average two hours per day engaging in online social networks looking for health information.

Reduced recruitment timelines

Direct access to motivated patients that self-select research opportunities significantly reduces recruitment timelines. Augmenting traditional recruitment approaches, Opin’s approach delivers eligible patients quickly and offers a degree of automation in the pre-screening process. Opin also have extensive experience in gaining ethics approvals for recruitment content.

Robust screening against eligibility

Opin collects and structures each trial’s eligibility criteria (inclusion and exclusion) and presents this as a high-level patient-led digital triage to achieve deterministic, not probabilistic, matching of patients, reducing burden on trial sites and investigators.

Priority trials and studies in recruitment distress

Our recruitment team works alongside trial sites to provide a bespoke service to support trials where recruitment has stalled or slowed, or if eligibility parameters may prove to be challenging. Creating dedicated trial landing microsites within the Opin platform, precision social media marketing strategies and more extensive digital triage.

A global database of self-identified

Opin's key asset is a deep and growing pool of validated patient profiles for trials to access to kick-off begin their recruitment journey. The pool of data expands every hour of every day, augmented by regular surveys that patients and carers respond to, sharing their health status, experiences and outcomes.

Access more diverse patient populations

Diversity and equitable access is very important in trials and accessing hard to reach populations is our specialty. Opin offers a range of language and cultural advisory services associated with recruitment. We can create social media content and targeting campaigns in a range of languages and cultural contexts.


Solution for all

Opin works with biopharma, medtech, research institutions, public health and universities as well as contract research organisations and sites to deliver leading patient recruitment and data insights.

Biopharma and medtech

across a series of phases, in one geographic area or across multiple countries and regions, or as an organisation-wide solution

Public health and research institutions

Understanding the not-for-profit sector and the unique challenges the public research and academic space demands is a key strength of Opin’s.

CRO's and sites

Opin is keen to partner with sites and CRO’s to optimise their services to sponsor clients and grow capacity and capabilities in the sector.